At Sarabande we have a unique hands on approach to horsemanship. The students learn everything from the ground up with horses; how to lead, groom and tack up the horse. Our riding lessons are about an hour long and focus on competence and confidence with horses. All our instructors are trained in Center Riding and focus on the core balance which is why we start all our students out in the English discipline. I think of it like learning stick shift first before automatic.

Each student starts at a level that they are comfortable with depending on their previous riding ability and if they are nervous around horses. We have trained staff that assists the students at all times and help them build their confidence. We have created levels of horsemanship so the student can set goals.

Lesson Times & Availability

September – May
Monday – Friday: 3:00PM – 6:00PM
Saturday: 9:00am – 1:00PM

Fall Break Lessons
Spring Break Lessons

*great option for Grandparents to bring their visiting grand kids out for a fun day together at the barn

Prices and Packages

Group lessons : one hour lesson including 15 mins of tacking horse up and grooming followed by 30 to 45 mins of riding. After the lesson you learn how to untack your horse and put your horse away.

Single lesson $50.00

Package of 4 group riding lessons $180.00

Team Camp Day Saturdays 9:00am to 1:00. $60.00 a Saturday. The students get one hour riding lessons including 15 mins of tacking up their horse with at least 30 to 45 mins of riding lesson followed by untacking and putting their horse away. Included in this four hours are barn chores, horse maintenence, horsemanship classes, washing horses, pony school and more.

Little Britches Lessons $25.00: for 5yrs and under. Private riding with an instructor lesson is about 30 mins includes grooming and tacking up the pony.


Understanding that we are goal oriented we have created a system of goals that we call levels. Each student begins our program at what ever level is appropriate for them. They make goals with their instructor to achieve the next appropriate level. In May we have an awards presentation for these goal achievements for each student. We want to stress that there is no pressure and no “testing” sometimes it accidentally gets called a test. It is just a way for the Students to measure their own success and have a goal for next year. There is no grading just showing that they are able to preform certain horsemanship skills. It helps the instructors and the students to continue their equine education…

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